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The 3D animation industry relies on a range of technologies and software tools to create high-quality animations. Some of the popular software used in the industry include:

Autodesk Maya: Maya is a versatile 3D animation software widely used for modeling, texturing, rigging, animation, and rendering. It offers a comprehensive set of tools for creating complex and realistic 3D animations.

Blender: Blender is a free and open-source 3D creation suite that supports the entire 3D pipeline, including modeling, animation, simulation, rendering, and compositing. It is popular among independent artists and small studios.

Adobe After Effects: After Effects is primarily used for creating motion graphics and visual effects. It allows artists to composite 3D elements, apply effects, and add motion to create stunning visuals.

Unity: Unity is a powerful game development engine that offers built-in 3D animation capabilities. It is widely used for creating interactive and immersive 3D games for various platforms.